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Alwa z Eurosportu K Litter of German Shepherd Puppies:  Born: March 22, 2015

Sire:  Alan Schrom SchH3, IPO3

See a video of these GSD puppies taken April 22, when they were 4 weeks and 3 days old.  They are huge, big boned German shepherd puppies, weighing between 6 and a half pounds and 7 and a half pounds.

All of these puppies had deposits on them before they were even born!!

If you wish to be on our puppy wait list for the next litter to be born at the end of May to our newest Slovakian imported female, Ebigeill z Get-Pet, ZV1,or on our wait list for the next litter to be born to Alwa z Eurosportu X Alan Schrom, SchH3, IPO3, please call Sandra Weiland at 252-9642514.

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YELLOW Collar Boy

First Born: 8:13 pm March 22, 2015

Weighed 1 lb 9 oz at birth

Weighed 11 lb 9 oz when 6 weeks old

Loves toys, balls, Dominant over other pups, determined, loves to be held, Goes potty in designated area. Likes to steal toys from other puppies.  Curious and confident.  An explorer.  Very vocal.

RED Collar Boy

Second Born: 9:15 pm March 22, 2015 Weighed 1 lb 9 oz at birth

Weighed 12 lb 12 oz when 6 weeks old

Dominates the other puppies.  High energy, the last pup to fall asleep at play times, Great focus; plays with a toy for a long time and is possessive of it.  Likes the ball. Will often rather play and investigate than eat. 

PURPLE Collar Boy

Third Born: 10:10 pm March 22, 2015 Weighed 1 lb 3 oz at birth

Weighed 11 lb 15 oz when 6 weeks old

Very smart.  When another pup has what he wants, he does a little "pretend attack" dance, the other pup responds, then he grabs the toy and runs off.Loves to "own" the puppy house.  A daring adventurer; When he sees other pups engaged in a game, he rushes over to participate. Will lie on his back for tummy rubs.

BLUE Collar Boy

Fourth Born: 11:05 pm March 22, 2015 Weighed 1 lb 6 oz at birth

Weighed 11 lb 3 oz when 6 weeks old

Smart Willing Learner; he already goes potty in the proper place most of the time.  He likes to be held, and given tummy rubs.  Likes to challenge the other pups, especially the one guarding the puppy house.  Loves to play with toys, especially noisy ones. Was a cautious boy, now is the one who plays on the grass with abandon.

BLACK Collar Boy

Fifth Born: 12:45 am March 23, 2015 Weighed 1 lb 11 oz at birth

Weighed 11 lb 4 oz when 6 weeks old

He is the cuddliest boy; he will lie in my arms getting a tummy rub forever!  Independent, he likes to sleep by himself, or cuddled next to one of his humans.  He likes all toys; he will play with the others, he will defend himself when attacked, but he seldom initiates attacks

GREEN Collar Boy

Born last: 1:45 am March 23, 2015 Weighed 1 lb 9 oz at birth

Weighed 13 lb 5 oz when 6 weeks old

One of the more aggressive puppies, a "frequent fighter" of the group.  Likes to defend the puppy box from incursions by other pups.  He "owns" the puppy house and likes to fall asleep in it.  He loves balls and noisy toys. When he has a choice toy he prances in front of the others with it, showing off.