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AVA Malabig - Retired


Czech Slovakian Import - V Rated / Excellent (Conformation)


Erri z Blatenskeho zamku (Czech)


Pema Abel-An (Slovakia)


2 . 19 . 2007




(Slovakia) # 45824


RTG DBK: A / Equivalent OFA Excellent
RTG DLK: A / Equivalent OFA Excellent

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As German shepherd breeders of superior male and female German shepherd puppies, we carefully selected Ava as an outstanding big boned female German shepherd dog, with good hips and elbows. Click here to see her Suchno (Slovakian) pedigree with titles of her ancestors, and superior DBK (hip) and DLK (elbow) ratings. This GSD female hips and elbows were subsequently examined and certified by both SV in Germany and OFA.   We were searching for a GSD female with world class genetics, she is a daughter of Erri z Blatenskeho zamku,  her sire has successfully represented the U.S.A. and competed in WUSV Schutzhund (World) trials.  Her extended pedigree is a good match to our German shepherd stud dog, OB13 Alan Schrom.  Our female GSD has proven hips and elbows, and is titled to prove her working abilities.
This female GSD will produce huge black and tan male and female German Shepherd puppies for sale in Bath, NC.
She will produce 25% solid black male and female German shepherd puppies when mated to our stud German shepherd dog, Alan Schrom.  Click this link to see her OFA accreditation of hips and elbows

Ava was imported in January 2011, as an adult, IPO 1 Schutzhund titled, female German GSD from Slovakia, purchased from EurosportK9 in Slovakia.  We are confident that each male or female German shepherd puppy produced by her imminent breeding to Alan Schrom late in 2013 will prove to be of superior quality:  big boned, straight backed, old style puppies.
She is the oldest of our breeding German shepherd females.  She had one litter of male and female German shepherd puppies just after Hurricane Irene gutted our kennels.  The litter was a casualty of the devastation caused by the flood.  On the bright side, the birth of the litter proves this German shepherd females reproductive capability.  To further ensure the success of the upcoming litter, we are using the services of NCSU Theriogenology Department (Reproductive Specialists). They have a high success rate in impregnating German shepherd females.  Their support resulted in as large pregnancy of 10 puppies.  Whelping occurred in the middle of tornadic activity in our Beaufort County.  We have three healthy male and female German shepherd puppies for sale in NC.  Call 252 964-2514 to reserve your male or female German shepherd puppy.

Click this Pedigree Date Base link to see her pedigree and photos of her ancestors and their titles.

She passed her IPO 1 (BH & SCH1), May 2, 2009 with scores of 84, 75 and 84.

  • On May 30, 2011, she was evaluated at a Breed Survey (Conformation / Temperament):
  • She was rated as V and received KKL 1 with Pronounced in temperament.

She weighs 80 pounds; She is a large female German Shepherd dog.
Her hips and elbows are A rated, the highest possible A rating; her DNA profile is on file with AKC.
Our original goal was to have this superior German shepherd female achieve her Schutzhund 3 title by the end of 2011, as a HOT (Handler owned / trained) dog.  Hurricane Irene destroyed our kennels and our training schedule.
Consequently, we redid her Schutzhund BH (obedience) title at the Raleigh Schutzhund club on February 26, 2011. She is a joy to work with, flashy obedience, fast retrieves, phenomenal tracking, great protection work, yet totally under control. She redid her Schutzhund 1 at the Jacksonville Schutzhund Club in April 16, 2011, despite severe (nearly tornado) weather.
This German shepherd female is protective, and incredibly eager to please, obedient, intelligent, willing, and loves to work.
Her father Eurosport's Erri v Blatenskeho, a solid black German shepherd dog, has won numerous regional and national titles and has been a member of a World Team.  (AWDF 2009 & 2010)
When mated with Alan Schrom, her male and female German shepherd puppies will be 25% black German shepherds; 75% dark pigmented black and tan German shepherd puppies.
They will be big boned, straight back old style "Czech" male and female German shepherd puppies for sale in NC.

Because we have selected our German shepherds for superior genetics and good hips and elbows, we can confidently guarantee their puppies.

Check out our video link of Ava; this phenomenal German shepherd dog is training for tracking, protection and obedience.

Compare our German shepherd puppies to those of other German shepherd breeders; we are confident that you will agree with us that we have superior German shepherds.