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Cira Hurcak - Retired


Czech Slovakian Import SVV 1 / Sch 1 AD BH KKL2



Tyson von der Schiffslache


Nora z Udolia Oravy


09 . 20 . 2008




(Czech Slovakia) # 58212


RTG DBK: A / Equivalent OFA Excellent
RTG DLK: A / Equivalent OFA Excellent

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As German shepherd breeders of superior male and female German shepherd puppies, we carefully selected Cira Hurkak (SVV1 KKL2) as an outstanding big boned female German shepherd, with good hips and elbows. Click here to see this GSD female Suchno (Slovakian) pedigree with titles of her ancestors, and superior DBK (hip) and DLK (elbow) ratings. We were searching for a female GSD with world class genetics, a good match to our stud German shepherd dog, Alan Schrom, with proven hips and elbows, and titled to prove her working abilities. We looked at and rejected many German shepherd females.
She can produce approximately 50 % solid black and 50% dark pigmented, huge black and tan male and female German Shepherd puppies for sale in Bath, NC, when bred to Alan Schrom. Her first litter of 7 male and female German Shepherd puppies were big boned, 5 dark pigmented bicolor black and tan and 2 solid black. The owners of these puppies are delighted with the size and disposition of their male and female German shepherd puppy.  Her second litter of 11 male and female German shepherd puppies born Nov 27, 2013 were equally big boned and exceptional; we were proud to offer these male and female German shepherd puppies for sale.

Cira was imported in February 1, 2012, as an adult, SVV 1 Schutzhund titled, female German Shepherd from Slovakia, purchased from EurosportK9. We felt very fortunate to have been able to purchase this daughter of a World Class stud dog.
Notice on her pedigree that she is a daughter of Tyson von der Schiffslache. He is 3 times LGA Sieger and 3 times Bundessiegerprufing and 3 times WUSV (World Trials) competitor, SG SchH3, Kkl1. See the tremendous father of this female GSD in action in numerous other YouTube videos!!! He has produced numerous World Team dogs. On her mother's side, Nora z Udolia Gravy, a super solid black GSD female, are very successful proven producers such as Car Policia, titus Pohranicni straze, Cim von Kennstenich. We look forward to putting more titles on this amazing girl. She is a phenomenal mother to her puppies!!!  Anyone who got a male or female German shepherd puppy from her previous litter felt fortunate to get such an outstanding German shepherd puppy, for such an amazingly low price.  Cira is one of the exceptional German shepherd females around.