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German shepherd Male


Alan Schrom
Slovakian Import IPO3 AKC CGC AD BH (SchH1, 2, 3)


Anouc-Lar Leomegy (Slovakian)
Bibka Sprunger (Slovakian)

3 . 13 . 2007



(Czech Slovakia) # 55011

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Vom Weiland, German shepherd breeders of high quality, traditional style, German shepherd puppies, strive to produce the best female and male German shepherd puppies possible.

Proof of the fact that we have been very successful at producing superior puppies is our Testimonials page which has many notes from happy puppy clients. 

Also, check out our reviews and testimonials on yellowpages, then click REVIEWS and read at least 20 reviews submitted by happy owners of our puppies.  We strive to breed the best German shepherd puppies possible.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a big boned, athletic, smart, eager to learn, high drive female or male German shepherd puppy, suitable for Schutzhund, police work or as loyal, intelligent family pets to protect their home. Check out our previous litters to see that our GSD male tends to dominate the gene pool of each female or male German shepherd puppy he sires.

Accordingly, we searched for the best male German shepherd we could acquire as our GSD stud dog. We purchased our German shepherd male, Alan Schrom, "aka Bear," as an 11 month old superstar of Eurosport's German shepherd puppy program in Slovakia. We feel very fortunate to own this once in a lifetime GSD male.

Our only German shepherd stud dog, Alan Schrom, has impressed everyone who has seen him working as being a superior example of a German shepherd male, including high level competitors and handlers. This awesome German Shepherd male weighs over 100 pounds; As German shepherd breeders we keep him lean and trim for training and competing. He has crazy ball and sleeve drive, and loves to train. Our GSD stud dog is intelligent, eager to please, and gentle with his puppies and children; most people who see him in person are amazed at his charisma and easy going nature; but, he becomes a monster on the protection field with a huge crushing bite.
He is a huge German Shepherd stud dog.

See this German shepherd male X-rays: OFA hips good, elbows normal; Click to see this awesome GSD's OFA ratings and the fact that he is DM free, directly on the OFFA.org site.

This tremendous German shepherd male DNA is registered with the AKC. Our German shepherd male received his SchH2 December 3, 2011 and his IPO3 January 28, 2012. He is a very special GSD stud.

Our sire, Alan Schrom, is a very special German Shepherd dog. He is a son of Anouk-Lar Leomegy ("Nuky" Sch2), a top producing GSD stud at EurosportK9 in Slovakia. Nuky, a black German shepherd dog, is a producer of big boned female and male German shepherd puppies.

Click this link to see 5 and 6 generation pedigree and photos of the ancestors of this German shepherd male and their titles at Pedigree Data Base

Our German shepherd stud dog is a working GSD stud. His titles include his achieving his BH (obedience), AD (endurance), his CGC (obedience) and he earned his Schutzhund 1 April 16, 2011. He was high in trial and high in protection. Our German shepherd stud dog received his Schutzhund 2 title on December 2, 2011 He was high in Tracking with a score of 96, second in protection with 92 and high score of all the 5 Schutzhund 2 dogs who competed in the trial. He received his IPO3 in January of 2012. (IPO3 = SCH3) In order to achieve a Schutzhund title.  To receive a Schutzhund title, a German shepherd dog must pass three separate tests in the same trial: tracking, obedience/agility and protection.

Click his Slideshow to see a photo album with various photos of Alan Schrom (aka Bear) training, relaxing at home and with his female and male German shepherd puppies.

He will be bred to our newest imported female from Slovakia, Ebigeill z Get-Pet, ZV1, in late 2015 or early 2016.  See her pedigree and pictures of her ancestors and their achievements at PedigreeDataBase.  She is a sable, so their puppies will likely be either sable, dark sable, or black and tan. 

This male German shepherd stud dog also breeds to Alwa z Eurosportu, another of our Slovakian imported German shepherd females.  See her pedigree and pictures of her ancestors and their achievements at PedigreeDataBase.  This Slovakian import, Alwa z Eurosportu, matches him in her big boned structure and adds red tones.

Very few German Shepherd breeders have these old style German Shepherds. We offer a German shepherd stud service to females of merit. We do have frozen semen available on an extremely limited basis.  Proof of negative brucellosis is required, and the female must have passing scores on hips with OFA, Penn hip, or SV/FCI rating, and be DM tested and prove to be only a carrier at the least.

Check out our litters of female and male German shepherd puppies for sale from VomWeiland, German shepherd breeders in Bath, NC.