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Air Line Requirements for shipping a puppy must be met or Delta will not allow shipping a German shepherd puppy. 

The Delta Airline requirements for shipping a German shepherd puppy listed below are current, as of July, 2013.  These are the requirements for flying a German shepherd puppy anywhere in continental U.S.A.  The cost of flying a German shepherd does not vary much no matter where the destination is, as long as the destination is the lower 48 states. 

Although we strongly prefer that our German shepherd puppies for sale in NC are picked up by their owners, shipping a German shepherd puppy for sale in NC can be achieved if necessary.

  • Puppies must be 8 weeks of age or older
  • Rabies vaccination not required until after 12 weeks of age
  • Veterinarian health certificate is required, costs about 45.00
  • Airline approved crate must be used, costs about 70.00
  • Paper bedding only - no cushion beds allowed
  • 2 bowls, attached inside the crate, costs about 10.00
  • Bag of food must be taped to top of crate
  • No toys or collars allowed in crate
  • Delta does allow COD.

In addition to Delta Airline costs, the shipping fee covers the purchase of crate, bowls and the required Vet health certificate. The shipping a German shepherd puppy flight cost, crate, bowls, health certificate charged by the veterinarian are extra and are not included in the puppy price.

The average cost to ship anywhere in continental U.S.A. is around 425.00 (This includes flight, crate, bowls, health certificate, etc.)

You will be given a copy of the veterinarian's bill for the health certificate, to show the exact amount that the vet charged me.

As of October, 2013, Delta ships out of Raleigh airport, which takes me 5 hours to drive to and from the airport. I charge a bit extra for my gas. The flight leaves at 4 am daily, so that the pup should arrive most places in the USA between noon and 3 pm.  Your German shepherd puppy for sale in NC will leave our home around midnight, before the flight. He will have his last chance to go potty at the airport cargo area, around 3:30 am.  He will have water offered to him in Atlanta, where most flights hub to their connecting flights. 

We prefer Delta Dash because they have climate control (air conditioning and heat) in the area where the puppy will go. They have an excellent reputation for shipping a German shepherd puppy with no problems.  We have had many German shepherd puppies for sale in NC ship with no problems at all.  Flying a German shepherd puppy is usually quite a simple process.  Although it is much preferable for the new owner to pick up his German shepherd puppy for sale in NC, there are times when a flight is necessary.