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Our next litter of German Shepherd puppies for sale in NC from titled, imported Czech German Shepherds, will be available in November, 2015, The mother, Alwa z Eurosportu is a Slovakian imported black and red German shepherd, The sire is our Schutzhund 3 Slovakian imported Alan Schrom.   Click to see our previous litters of German shepherd pups.  Please note:  each of the puppies has her own slideshow with over 30 pictures of that puppy.  The slideshow page takes a minute to load.  Your patience will be rewarded with great individual photos from 4 to 9 weeks.

We are showcasing a video sent to us by the owner of one of the puppies from the Nov. 2013 litter.  At 10 weeks, this puppy, Bo, responds to many commands:  sit, come, down, speak, shake a paw, roll over.  This is what you can do with your puppy with a few minutes a day of concentrated training:  http://youtu.be/QF5V08hZUjs

After 4 weeks of age, we send 3 videos each week of all the puppies to each of the folks on our deposit list, to help them decide which puppy they want.

There are no more puppies available from our current litter.  We invite you to submit deposits on our future litter, which will be born from Ebigeill z Get Pet X Erri z Blatenskeho zamku; these puppies will be born late in 2015.

Call 252 964-2514 to ask about a refundable deposit on our planned breedings of German shepherd puppies. 

See the honest reviews written by our clients on Yellowpages.  We are very proud of the quality of our German shepherd puppies.

Our kennel and each pup's baby book


See a 5 minute visit to part of our kennel that shows you the baby book that we make for each pup.  

We have one page for each week the pup is with us.  We insert a puppy paw print at the beginning of each week.

We add daily weights, and document all procedures, such as nail trims, worming, vaccinations.

We are proud of the care we give our pups

The book starts with photos of sire and dam, followed by pedigree of sire and dam, titles and achievements of each of their Slovakian ancestors.  Next are the 9 weeks of the pup's life, with milestones described, and notes on each puppy's behavior.  We send three videos a week to our clients, starting at 4 weeks of age, to help them choose their pup.

Have fun reading the whimsical "Diary of a German shepherd puppy" from birth to 9 weeks of age, when our German shepherd puppies leave to go to their forever homes. It is ongoing and gives some indication of the daily care and extra attention that our puppies receive, as well as indicating the personalities of each puppy.

I started training my first dog, a purebred beagle, in 1961. I quickly learned how stubborn a beagle can be. We did AKC obedience, and it was a struggle. I assumed that training any dog was a long arduous task.
Between 1961 and 1985, I owned, trained and bred other breeds; then I discovered German shepherds! I was in love with the breed.

There are some breeds that can do some things as well as a German shepherd; but, no breed does as many things as well as a German shepherd.

I loved working with my first German shepherd, Max; but, he developed hip dysplasia, and it was heartbreaking. I know so well the heartbreak of facing that dreaded disability that is too common in German shepherds with American bloodlines.  We also test our dogs' DNA for DM to be able to offer German shepherd puppies who will not develop Degenerative Myelopathy.

I knew that I wanted a straight backed German shepherd; but, as I did my research and talked to "German shepherd folks", I began to realize that not all German Shepherds were "created equal". I began to realize that Czech German shepherds were superior to American bred shepherds. I was tremendously impressed with what I learned about these Czech German shepherds. The more that I read about them, the more I liked what I read about them. The Czech German shepherds and Slovakian German shepherds are very similar.  I liked that Slovakian German shepherds' breeding standards and registration requirements were so rigorous. I liked that the Czech German shepherd breeders were selecting the best working dogs to breed, and that they were selecting for working ability, rather than to market to the American conformation market, for which they bred sloped back dogs.  I believed that straight backed German shepherds would be less prone to hip displasia.

I liked Czech bred German shepherds because they had strict breeding requirements of the sire and dam before registering their German shepherd puppies. The breeding German shepherd dogs must have proven their hips by x-ray, and proven their intelligence, willingness to work, and superiority as working German shepherds by acquiring titles. The Czech breeders focussed on working abilities, and straight backed German shepherds; breeding more for the large boned traditional straight backed German shepherd dog, which was less likely to have hip / elbow problems. I just did not have the money to import the quality of Czech Slovakian German Shepherd dog that I wanted at the time, and decided to wait until I could afford to get the best, rather than get less and subsequently more than pay the difference in vet fees and heartbreak.

I kept searching for a dependable source of high quality Czech bred German shepherds. Finally, in 2006, I found my female German shepherd, whom I imported from EurosportK9, in Slovakia, Orsina z Get Pet. I was impressed by the consistent quality of Czech Slovakian German shepherd dogs that others had acquired from Eurosport in Slovakia. I bought her as a "protection trained" three year old. We had a lot of work to do to get her BH, her AD, and her Schutzund titles. She is currently a Sch2. She is still our favorite "child"; as of April, 2015, she is over 12 years old and "tough as nails".

She was the first of our Czech bred German shepherds imported from Eurosport in Slovakia. We were "hooked"

Her pedigree showed that all of her German shepherd ancestors had Schutzhund titles, so we decided to pursue the sport with her.

We wanted to train our GSD for Schutzhund, because we were intrigued by the challenge: the dog must pass tests in Tracking, Obedience and Protection, usually on the same day, to achieve a Schutzhund title.

The result is a highly trained and highly obedient German shepherd dog, which is a joy to have protecting our family, As an additional bonus, the schutzhund training results in an amazing bond between the handler and the German shepherd dog.

In 2008, we finally found our stud dog, Alan Schrom, aka "Bear", also from Eurosport as an 11 month old superstar of their puppy program.

We had decided in August, 2010, that Orsina's last litter would be the litter she would have at 8 years of age, in 2011, and started searching for a replacement breeding female in 2010.

I wanted a big boned German shepherd female who had the best hips possible. I wanted her to be titled, and with great drive and good obedience and protection. I wanted her to be a good genetic match to our male, Alan Schrom / Bear. I also wanted a great pedigree, and superior bloodlines.

We purchased Ava Malabig in January of 2011 after a very long search, also from Eurosport in Slovakia. We are delighted with this German shepherd dog!!! She is everything that we asked Eurosport to find in a dog. We have subsequently acquired three more females Cira Hurkak,  Alwa z Eurosportu, and Ebigeill z Get-Pet; ALL  five German shepherd females have been imported from EurosportK9 in Slovakia.  The older three females are retired, as of 2015.

I have been the Vice President of the Jacksonville Schutzhund Club, which trains in Hubert, NC.

We are so confident in the quality of our breeding male and female that we give a comprehensive hip and elbow guarantee on your German shepherd puppy.  We DM test all our breeding dogs. 

Our German shepherd puppies for sale are big boned, traditional, old style Czech German Shepherds. They are superior in pedigree, and are suitable for all purposes, whether it be Schutzhund or other dog sport, police duty or as intelligent and willing family pets to protect your home.