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Ebigeill z Get-Pet  VS-1

Czech Slovakian Import VS1


Ares Zitavska Dolina SVV3, SchH2, IPO2


Zita z Get-Pet SVV1, IPO1, KKL1


06 . 27 . 2012




(Czech Slovakia) # 65873


RTG DBK: A / Equivalent OFA Excellent
RTG DLK: A / Equivalent OFA Excellent

Our newest German shepherd female, imported from Slovakia, Ebigeill z Get-Pet ZV1 will be bred to our stud dog, Alan Schrom in the summer of 2017.

You can see a video of Ebigeill z Get-Pet, ZV1, working: http://youtu.be/O5-eM_nAJIY

Our GSD female, Ebigeill z Get-Pet, ZV1,  is our most recent Czech Sloviakian imported breeding female German shepherd; she achieved her ZV-1 title in Slovakia at the age of 16 months, having passed tracking, obedience and protection.   This is an incredible feat for a young German shepherd female, and is a credit to her extremely great working nature.  She is a big boned, large German shepherd female, weighing 70 pounds and standing 25 inches tall at the shoulder.  She had achieved her breed survey in Slovakia before we acquired her; with excellent hips and elbows.  She is exceptionally eager to please, obedient and has a wonderful disposition. This exceptional German shepherd female was very protective of the home, as of her second day in the U.S.A. with us.

This female GSD has an excellent pedigree; descended from a superior Czech IPO3 German shepherd male Ares Zitavska Dolina  SVV3 H-1  and a very strong, large straight backed Slovakian German shepherd female, Zita z Get-Pet, SVV1, KKL1

This outstanding female German shepherd will be bred tin the future to our amazing male German shepherd, Alan Schrom SchH3, IPO3, and a litter of their male and female German shepherd puppies is anticipated later in  2016.  We hope to be able to have male and female German shepherd puppies for sale from that breeding.  The male and female German shepherd puppies that are produced by this breeding should be all black and tan, or sable, or dark sable.  Most who see her are quite impressed by this GSD female.


If you wish to see her Suchno (Slovakian) pedigree, translated, please do the following:


Using Google Chrome, navigate to www.suchno.sk, then:
Click on the icon to the LEFT With the dog head in the oval circle... the Suchno registry .. the other is Czech Republic registry
Then click the "database suchno" tab...  then type in her name.  (right click any empty space - using Google Chrome - to get a translation.