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Orsina z Get-Pet - Retired


Slovakian Import


Gamor Solmen (Czech)

Bessy z Plechaca (Slovakian)

4 . 23 . 2003




(Czech Slovakia) # 45277


V439626 (SFR)





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As German shepherd breeders of superior male and female German shepherd puppies, we carefully selected Orsina as an outstanding big boned female German shepherd, with good hips and elbows.
She produces huge black and tan male and female German Shepherd puppies for sale in Bath, NC.

Orsina was imported as an adult female GSD from Czechoslovakia, purchased from
EurosportK9 in Slovakia.
See this female German shepherd's Suchno (Slovakian) pedigree, with titles of ancestors.

Our female German shepherd passed her SCH2, December 5, 2010 with scores of 80, 70 and 85.
On May 29, 2010, this GSD female was evaluated at a USA German shepherd Breed Survey (Conformation / Temperament):  She was rated as SG and received KKL 1 with Pronounced in temperament (recommended for breeding by a German SV judge).
She weighs 76 pounds; She is a large female German shepherd dog. Her hips and elbows have been x-rayed and examined by OFA; her hips are good, elbows are normal; she is an outstanding GSD female.

Her DNA profile is on file with AKC.

Click this link to see our German shepherd female's OFA scores: hips good, and elbows normal.

Click this link to see her pedigree and photos of her ancestors and their titles at Pedigree Data Base.

This German shepherd female is incredibly protective, yet eager to please, intelligent, willing, and loves to work.
Her male and female German shepherd puppies are black German shepherds at birth, and gradually as they mature, tan emerges; they are dark pigmented, big boned, old style "Czech" German shepherd puppies.
She is a producer of big boned male and female German shepherd puppies for sale in NC. She is a phenomenal mother, who takes great care of her German shepherd puppies.
Click to see the phenomenal care that this female GSD gives her puppies on YouTube, "Feeding time at two weeks" and "Puppy care at 2 1/2 weeks".

See Chico Vom Weiland, our Hawaii bound German shepherd puppy whom we are training until he completes his rabies antibody tests and goes to his new owner, photos and videos of him up to 8 months of age. See him as a very big boned 60 pound tan & black 5 month old German shepherd puppy, doing a long down with her. See Chico at a little over 6 months (70 pounds) doing obedience. He passed his AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen examination) at a little over 7 months of age.

We planned for Orsina to retire from our German shepherd puppy breeding program after the birth of her last litter, in August of 2011. This GSD female surprised us with a final litter of a male and a female german shepherd puppy in January, 2013. Because we have selected our German shepherd females for superior genetics and good hips and elbows, we can confidently guarantee their puppies.

Compare our puppies to those of other German shepherd breeders; we are confident that you will agree with us that we have superior German shepherd females and German shepherd puppies for sale.